BIO . Eddie Freeman . Composer


• Naval School of Music Graduate. Sir, yes, Sir.
• An Electrical Engineering degree that makes mince meat of all hardware.
• Studied with reknowned Orchestrator, William Kidd. (You’ve heard him.)


• God-like on anything with a neck and strings.
• Able to score minutes in a single day.
• Never met a music genre he couldn’t master.


• Front-man-evil-genius behind Sony Music-signed band, Mirror Garden.
• Yeah, he’s played for Presidents … twice!
• An international filmography longer than most attention spans.


• Loyal clients trust him with their lives. OK, livelihoods. Same thing, right?
• Music, lyrics and producer awards that haven’t gone to his head.
• Hired a super woman for a partner, so he could drink beer all day.

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