Partners Eddie Freeman and Marta Victoria  .  Studio 2013
At any moment one might hear ethnic, orchestral or rock music booming from Icarus Music’s cutting-edge, 5.1 surround sound studio. Come listen!

The driving force behind Icarus Music, is the successful partnership between award-winning composers Eddie Freeman and Marta Victoria. This energetic duo holds degrees in audio engineering, tv/film production, writing and music. Tapping on that, and their too-many years of industry experience; they can quickly and intelligently engineer beautiful, high-quality works for all project types.

Accomplished instrumentalists, savvy recording engineers and discerning mixers; Eddie and Marta take their creative process even further by recording tracks from a long list of in-demand, world-class musicians. This reverence for live performance keeps their tunes fresh, and their scores rich and compelling.

At Icarus Music, there is one, simple goal. To completely satisfy and enhance every client’s vision by musically realizing each project’s unique story.

To that end, Icarus Music has composed and produced hundreds of scores for films, venues and television programming.

Some of our clients: BBC, Discovery Channel, Disney, DreamWorks, Knowledge Adventure, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, Mattel Toys, National Geographic, NOAA, PBS, Turner Broadcasting and ZDF.

Check out our Full Client List and Filmography, too!

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