BIO . Marta Victoria . Composer


• A BFA in Film/TV via 3 universities, 2 countries + 1 endless internship.
• Awesome guitar and percussion skills, despite being self-taught.
• Vocal chops courtesy of the Bible Belt. Can she get an Amen?!


• Music motifs fly from her brain faster than speeding bullets.
• A total rhythm mama, she likes her hair even and her beats odd.
• Able to leap tight production schedules with a single smile.


• Has spent more decades in the music bay than she’ll admit to.
• Feeds on cutting-edge technology for breakfast, and Alka-Seltzer at night.


• Has an opinion when you want one, and a helpful spirit when you don’t.
• Partnered with a super genius who seems to want to drink beer all day.

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